The Original Drip-Lip Mould®


Do you hate Dirty Stains on your Walls?

If you answered "Yes", then you can't get by without Drip-Lip Mouldings®

  • Designed with a subtle but specific angle to keep water off your walls.
  • Drip-Lips cannot be easily seen and do not affect the look of your mouldings.
  • Installing Drip-Lip Mouldings® means "no more dirty stains on your walls".
  • Build up of pollution and dirt will fall to the ground not on your walls.
  • Drip-Lip Mouldings® cut years off repainting your walls.
  • Drip-Lip Mouldings® reduce moisture on walls.
  • Drip-Lip Mouldings® transform your mouldings and walls into a virtually maintenance free system.
  • Without Drip-Lip Mouldings® your walls could continue to look dirty, stained and in need of repainting in as little as two or three years.

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