From your initial enquiry an official quote is sent within days.

Upon acceptance of the quote and deposit paid the manufacturing process commences.

Ensuring rigorous standards in the production, installation and fitting of all mouldings, job lots are project driven. The mouldings each take up to 5 days to produce as each coating on the product takes a full day to dry. Each coating must be fully dry before the next coating is applied.

Installation can occur from anywhere between three to six weeks, depending on a number of factors – Builder’s requirements, project timelines, size and scope of the project.

Mouldings are taken to the site and installed by certified installers, who carry a 7 year warranty on all and fixing. This team uses the Finishing Touch proprietary render patch system, which virtually eliminates any sign of joins, effective in 95% of applications.

Painting can be done by clients 24 hours after installation is complete. This ensures that sealant around edges of moulding has cured prior to painting.

Builders can elect to do the installation themselves, the Finishing Touch supply render and sealant products This is especially helpful for interstate Builders.

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